Rowan University Online Educational Doctorate

100% Online  (Minor Residency)

100% of class meetings are online.  In addition, there are 3 required residencies that will take place on the Glassboro, NJ campus. The Ed. D. in Educational Leadership program focuses on developing authentic leaders. The P-12 track is for those educators who are looking to gain advanced knowledge in the field with a special focus on developing the leadership skills and dispositions necessary to enact lasting and meaningful change within the preschool through secondary school levels.

Residency 1

Residency 1 will take place in August on the Friday and Saturday just prior to the start of the program. Students will spend two days (Friday and Saturday) on the campus of Rowan University becoming familiar with the policies and procedures of the College of Education, the mission and conceptual framework of the College, as well as campus resources and program expectations of the Educational Leadership Department. This orientation-based residency is a wonderful introduction of the doctoral experience that serves to enhance the online learning environment by providing a face-to-face opportunity to engage with cohort members, and Educational Leadership faculty and staff. Students will attend workshops designed to acquaint them with program themes and pillars of leadership, and social justice, as well as campus resources. On-campus housing is available.

Residency 2

  Residency 2 entails one day at Rowan University’s Glassboro campus for the written portion of the Benchmark I Exam. The exam is given twice per year. Students are eligible to sit for the exam after the completion of foundational first-year coursework.

Residency 3

  Residency 3 involves a weekend stay on Rowan University’s Glassboro campus at the conclusion of year two. This residency will focus on preparing students for dissertation work and the dissertation process.\


The Ed. D. in Educational Leadership at Rowan University requires the completion of 60 graduate semester hours (s.h.) made up of 16 courses (48 s.h.) and 12 semester hours of dissertation.  The program includes three distinct benchmarks. All cohorts are required to attend a one-day orientation in combination with an online orientation residency.
Core Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
EDSU 28715 Leadership Theory 3
EDST 24503 Quantitative Analysis In Educational Research 3
EDST 24721 Action Research In Educational Leadership 3
EDAM 27704 Changing Organizations 3
EDSU 28706 Diversity in Educational Leadership 3
EDST 24724 Issues In Qualitative Analysis In Educational Research 3
EDAM 27750 Applied Ethics Of Educational Leadership 3
EDST 24725 Mixed Methods Research In Educational Leadership 3
EDAM 27733 The Policy Environment 3
EDAM 27719 Dissertation Seminar I 3
EDAM 27720 Dissertation Seminar II 3
EDAM 27752 Advanced Leadership 3
P–12 Track Courses
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
EDAM 27790 Instructional Leadership And The Curriculum 3
EDAM 27749 Issues In School Governance 3
EDAM 27735 Promoting Effective Learning 3
EDAM 27714 Planning And Negotiating 3
Course Number
S.H. (Credits)
EDST 24795 Dissertation Research 12
Total Program Semester Hours: 60

Contact Coordinator

Dr. Barry Meinster
E-mail: Phone: 1-888-664-5455